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Calvo Izquierdo participates in the INNPACTO Project

The Valencian company Calvo Izquierdo, SL, actively participates in the INNPACTO project “Healthy Children’s shoes designed for obese children with allergic dermatitis”.

This project is intended to design suitable footwear for the characteristics of the feet of these children, and thus improve the quality of life of those affected by weight problems and obesity and / or allergic dermatitis.

The project is carried out by a multidisciplinary team consisting of 4 SMEs, 1 Business group and one private research center, with complementary skills and capabilities, and experienced in different fields such as biomedicine, chemistry, physics, biomechanics, engineering, design, materials science, computers, etc…

Follow the link below for more information: http://calzadoinfantil.inescop.es/