Calvo Izquierdo talks about European funding programs.

The company Calvo Izquierdo has explained in the “Jornada Enrédate Alzira 2015” the experience of its Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in European funding programs.

Through one of the workshops, the export manager, Juan José Calvo, detailed the steps taken to become part of the Eurostar program, aimed at facilitating the growth of SMEs with innovative projects.

The project in which Calvo Izquierdo participated together with another Spanish company and a German technological institute was to develop a modular implant and was entitled “Research and Development of a device for vertebral repair based on Implantable Textile Innovations”. Its main mission was to develop the textile part of the device. The project started in December 2010 and ended in August 2014.

For Calvo, “the experience has been highly positive, and an example of this is that clinical trials are being carried out for subsequent commercialization”.

He also emphasized that meetings such as the one organized in Alzira, “serve as a meeting point for SMEs that aim to internationalize”.