Calvo Izquierdo participates in the INNPACTO Project

The Valencian company Calvo Izquierdo, S.L., actively participates in the INNPACTO project “Personalized healthy children’s footwear for obese children and children with allergic dermatitis” (2014).

Through this project, the aim is to design footwear suitable for the characteristics of the feet of these children and thus improve the quality of life of those affected by overweight and obesity and/or allergic contact dermatitis.

The project is carried out by a multidisciplinary team composed of 4 SMEs, 1 business grouping and 1 private research center, with complementary competences and capabilities and with great experience in different fields such as biomedicine, chemistry, physics, biomechanics, engineering, design, materials science, computer science, etc.

The development of customized consumer goods according to the needs and expectations of certain groups, represents a high added value for this type of products and an element of differentiation with respect to articles manufactured by third countries, thus improving the competitiveness of Spanish companies.

Therefore, this project is related to the research and development of customized healthy materials and products, aimed at improving the welfare of children affected by overweight and obesity and/or allergic contact dermatitis and other related diseases, products that are currently difficult to find in the market.

To achieve this general objective, the following scientific-technical aspects related to materials will be addressed during the development of the project:

  • Establishment of the needs and expectations of children affected by obesity, which will make it possible to establish the technical requirements to be met by the materials, designs and products to be developed.
  • Selection and/or adaptation of safe and healthy materials for the manufacture of specific products that help to improve the quality of life of each group:


      1. Establishment of mechanical requirements.
      2. Selection and/or development of alternative hypoallergenic materials for healthy, safe and sustainable children’s footwear.
      3. Selection and/or development of active materials for preventive and palliative care of the foot and skin conditions.
      4. Development and/or selection of materials for the preventive care of feet of children with obesity: development of materials for the control of the management of excess sweating and proliferation of microorganisms, in cases of dermatitis, diabetes, etc., related to obesity.

    Technologies used for the project:

    – Digitization of the foot: obtaining an accurate digital image of the foot in three dimensions, for comparison with the corresponding shoe last or the manufacture of a specific last.

    – Plantar pressure map: Distribution of the individual’s plantar pressures in order to know “how he/she is walking” and, if necessary, to adapt the most appropriate insole.

    – 3D shoe design on the last.º

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