Vendari FIX Haft Full Color

Vendari FIX Haft Full Color is in the category of cohesive elastic bandages. This type of bandage, thanks to its cohesiveness, allows it to adhere to itself and not to the skin. On the other hand, thanks to its longitudinal elasticity, the bandage adapts perfectly to any part of the body, including joints and conical parts.

For all these reasons, the Vendari FIX Haft Full Color is an ideal bandage for any type of support or fixation bandage, for the immobilization of splints and as a protective bandage.

  • Cotton/ Polyamide.
  • Latex- free cohesive material.
  • Blue, red and green.
  • Extensibility 70%.
  • Weight: 65 g/m2.
  • Cohesive product.
  • Adheres to itself, not to skin or clothes.
  • Simple and quick application.
  • Great adaptability.
  • Excellent permeability through fine porous structure.
CodeSizesPackagingUnits/ Carton
11260-**6 cm x 4 mPlastic pounch80
11261-**8 cm x 4 mPlastic pounch60
11262-**10 cm x 4 mPlastic pounch50
11263-**6 cm x 20 mIndividual box60
11264-**8 cm x 20 mIndividual box48
11265-**10 cm x 20 mIndividual box36

(-**) Colors: -01 Blue; -02 Red; -05 Green

  • Class I medical device according to Annex VIII of the Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745.
  • CE and MD marking
  • Manufactured under the EN UNE ISO 13485:2016 quality standard.