Vendari PLASTICTAPE is a plastic adhesive tape. Its main use is for bandages to fix gauze, dressings, tubes, catheters, probes, cannulas and other bandages.

Hypoallergenic plaster of transparent micro-perforated plastic with acrylic adhesive; permeable to air and water vapour.

Adheres securely; highly resistant; easily removed without leaving residues on the skin; with hydrophobic impregnation; easy longitudinal and transverse tearing.

100 % Perforated Polyethylene and acrylic glue.

  • White
  • High adhesivity.
  • Porous fabric
  • Latex free
  • Permeable to water vapor and air.
  • High tensible strength.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Great adaptability.
CodeSizesUnits / Inner boxUnits / Carton
127301,25 cm x 9,14 m24576
127312,5 cm x 9,14 m12288
127325 cm x 9,14 m6144
127351,25 cm x 9,14 m1300
127362,5 cm x 9,14 m1240
127375 cm x 9,14 m1150


  • Class I medical device according to Annex VIII of the Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745
  • CE and MD marking.
  • Manufactured under the EN UNE ISO 13485:2016 quality standard.