Vendari SUACREPE is in the category of elastic crepe bandages. This type of bandage is made from a uniform fabric with good resilience and elasticity, allowing it to adapt to complicated body contours.

This makes it a useful bandage for a variety of situations in the hospital sector. Its multiple applications include its use as a support bandage, a protective bandage or as a rest bandage.

  • Cotton / Elastane
  • Natural with two lateral red lines
  • 150% elasticity
  • Adapts perfectly to any part of the body.
  • Easy to apply, comfortable and pleasant to the touch.
  • Woven edges that don’t fray.
  • Sewn at the beginning and end of the bandage.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sterilizable
  • High permeability to air and water vapor
  • Latex-free formula
Reference no.SizesPackagingUnits / Carton
101045 cm x 4 mPlastic150
101037 cm x 4 mPlastic90
1010210 cm x 4 mPlastic70
1010110 cm x 10 mPlastic30
1010515 cm x 10 mPlastic20
  • Class I medical device according to Annex VIII of the Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745.
  • CE and MD marking
  • Manufactured under EN UNE ISO 13485:2016 quality standard