We expand the production capacity

CALVO IZQUIERDO SL has been expanding its production capacity for months. This allows us to provide a better service to all our customers around the world.

Our objective has always been the same, to provide our clients with a high quality product at a competitive price.

For this expansion in the CALVO IZQUIERDO, S.L. through the line “Aid for investments to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of industrial SMEs in the sectors of the Comunitat Valenciana, within the third phase of implementation of the Strategic Plan of the Valencian industry for the year 2020″, convened by the CONSELLERIA DE CONOMINA SOSTENIBLE, SECTORS PRODUCTS, TRADE AND LABOUR” has received a grant of 40. 40,952.73 for the execution of the project “Expansion of the production capacity of the company Calvo Izquierdo, S.L.”.