Calvo Izquierdo is a family business dedicated since 1956 to the manufacture of bandages and technical textiles. Its main objective is to offer high quality products in accordance with the requirements of healthcare professionals. The company manufactures under its own brand VENDARI, as well as for other internationally renowned brands.

Located in the Valencian town of Requena, Calvo Izquierdo has modern facilities and manufactures under the highest quality standards, as accredited by the certification of its integrated management system in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Since its beginnings, Calvo Izquierdo has maintained an innovative spirit and a constant emphasis on R&D, developing projects such as bandages that maintain temperature, bandages with anti-bacterial properties and devices for measuring bandage compression, among many others. This is all combined with a strong environmental awareness, in keeping with its ISO 14001 certification.


Calvo Izquierdo is able to design and manufacture all types of bandages and technical textiles for medical use, from the yarn itself to the finished product, without going through intermediaries. This reduces costs and provides greater control over the end products.

As a small company, it can react nimbly and proactively to the needs of the market and its customers, always coupled with personalized customer service. It is this same flexibility, innovation and eagerness to improve that has allowed Calvo Izquierdo to become one of the leading European bandage manufacturers in the sector.











The company is created by Cesario Calvo Izquierdo and focuses on the manufacture of gauze in pieces and gauze bandages without selvage. Located in Alboraya (Valencia), it has 24 one-metre-wide looms.



The company moves to Camino del Caminot and progressively expands until it has more than 42 looms.


Around 1978

The first weaving looms are purchased (one of the first weaving looms in Spain) and the production of gauze bandages begins. The main advantage of these fabrics is that they don’t fray and don’t need to be cut after being rolled up. In addition, the speed of these machines is up to ten times faster than the usual looms, thus reducing manufacturing time and production costs.


Around 1990

The manufacture of crepe bandages begins.



Juan Jose Calvo Rigual joins the company, which moves to Burjassot (Valencia) where it leases premises of 450 m2. CALVO IZQUIERDO S.L. is created.



The 100PS sanitary products license is obtained.


In 2000

Juan Jose Calvo Errando becomes part of Calvo Izquierdo and launches the development of the company at the international level.

Calvo Izquierdo S.L. installs the first machine in Spain to manufacture cohesive bandages.


In 2002

The Vendari brand is created, which will come to encompass all the company’s bandages.



During these years, the company begins to have a strong international presence, manufacturing for major brands in the health sector.


In 2004

The company launches a new product for the physiotherapy sector: the neuromuscular bandages “C+I Kinesiology Tape”.


In 2008

The construction of new manufacturing facilities in Requena (Valencia) is begun, a project that will be completed in 2010.



ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications are obtained. Later, in 2019, ISO 14001 will also be acquired.


In 2014

The manufacture of latex-free cohesive bandages begins.



Calvo Izquierdo participates as exhibitor in the international fair MEDICA 2015 in Dusseldorf.


In 2020

The range of manufactured products is expanded by introducing creams and massage oils and creating a new brand: NAKER.